Plot 15: Lyman White

Concord Reformatory Cemetery Grave Marker 15<br />
Concord Reformatory Cemetery Grave Marker 15 GRAPHIC

Lyman White was born on January 1, 1820, to Eli and Olive White in Greenwich, Massachusetts. Mr. White worked as a farmer until he was drafted into the Civil War on October 19, 1861, at age 43. He served as a Private for the 26th Massachusetts Regiment. He was quickly upgraded in rank to a Corporal but was discharged just about a year into his service on October 10, 1862, due to a disability. Mr. White was discharged in New Orleans, Louisiana, but returned to his residence in Wendell, Massachusetts, presumably to reside with his wife, Hannah Jane Davis, whom he had married while actively serving the Union on November 19, 1861. By 1872, Mr. White was incarcerated in Mass State Prison, where he died seven years and seven months later, on August 2, 1879, of heart disease at age 59.